Top Ways to Download Music for PC and Mobile

With plenty of sites available now for music sharing, it has become very easy to download music of your choice conveniently. But choosing the best one from the lot is an overwhelming task. And the music should also be of good quality. Now you can do the download online and offline too. Keepvid Music is one of the best tools to download your favorite music as it is quick, efficient and provides top-quality music. You can download music from sites such as SoundCloud, YouTube and others to your mobile phone or PC directly from the sharing sites. Here is a detailed guide on how to download music and listen to your favorite music lists in leisure whenever and wherever you need.

PS: here, you will figure out the Best Duplicate MP3 Finders.

Part 1: Using KeepVid Music for music downloads from YouTube

KeepVid software enables easy and direct download of music videos to efficient MP3 format eliminating the need for users to convert to MP3 format once they have downloaded the music files. Keepvid Music is the perfect way to download your favorite music lists from YouTube for free. It has several beneficial features that enhance your music listening experience.

Here are the important features of Keepvid Music:

  • It can adeptly download music, transfer it and also manage the music for Android as well as iOS devices.
  • You can easily make YouTube as your own personal music source.
  • The program supports more than 10000 websites for downloading videos and music files.
  • It enables quick music transfer between two devices.
  • It enables the use of iTunes with Android devices.
  • The program is capable of organizing an entire music library in iTunes.
  • It helps to fix ID3 covers and tags.
  • You can easily share your playlists in iTunes.
  • It can remove any missing tracks and delete duplicate music files

Method to download music files of your choice with Keepvid Music

Here is a step by step guide on using Keepvid Music:

Step #1: Download Keepvid Music. Install it on your PC and launch it.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Step #2: Select the download feature visible at the top portion of the interface of the software.

Step #3: Now visit the YouTube site and identify the music files you want to download. Copy the site URL of the music files you have chosen.

Step #4: Paste the site’s URL you have copied in the Keepvid Music interface. Select MP3 format as output. Click on the Download button. This will begin the music download.

Method 2

Keepvid Music has another music download feature besides the one explained above. Here are the steps for this method.

Step #1: Select the download option present in the top middle part of the Keepvid Music interface. Click on the YouTube icon displayed near the bottom.

Step #2: You will be taken to the YouTube site. Here you can do a search and find the appropriate music you wish to download. Now the software will provide a download choice near the left upper corner of the interface. Select MP3 as output. Now click on the download button. This will start the music download.

Part 2: Top Ways to Download Music for your PC (From the music websites directly)

Frequently internet users download music online to save it on their computer for listening when they are offline. While there is an innumerable number of websites that provide free music downloads not all of them are of the quality you would prefer. Only a handful of such sites offers top-quality music and the facility to choose the type of music you need. Let us see a few of such sites here:

1. MP3 Juices

This website assists in song download as well as streaming songs online. You can download any song and listen to it without having to pay for it. The navigation is quite easy and simple, so you can sit back and enjoy the music at your leisure.


2. Bee MP3

This is another popular site for downloading music. It is the best alternative for the earlier MP3 Skull site mentioned. While the site provides a free download of music, it can be erratic at times. You will receive unrelated results at times. But the search filter option here is a redeeming one that allows you to set song preferences so you get the finest quality song. Of course, this site too has frustrating ads on it.


Part 3: Most effective way to Download Music for Mobile

There are special apps that help users to download their favorite music directly to their mobile device without using iTunes. All music downloaded in this way will remain in the app and cannot be found in the device’s music library. You can visit App Store to download apps like the Sound Tube app and download music to your mobile without any charge.

Link to Sound Tube app for iOS:

Once you have completed the app download and installation, launch it on your device and do a search for the specific music lists you wish to download. Alternatively, you can browse via the different music genres present to choose the music.

Tap on the options icon present near the bottom of the app interface, tap on download, and the download will start. The music you have downloaded will be on the device for you to listen to even when you are offline.

As you can see, Keepvid Music is an apt tool to use when you want to download music and listen to them online or offline anytime and from anywhere. Its excellent features make it the best tool ever for music downloads online.