How to Transfer Files from iPhone to PC in Simple Ways

Let’s see why to transfer files from iPhone to PC for backup. Don’t you think that you need to save your data on your PC from your favorite iPhone regularly? If no, then check some cases to know why you will need to save them on a continuous basis.

First of all, the storage on your iPhone is limited. You cannot capture enormous photos and record videos to store them for a long time. You will need to make some space after a few months if you don’t transfer them regularly. Again, photos and videos along with a lot of other data are so important to you that you must not want them to lose due to an automatic system update on your iPhone. You might lose your phone accidentally, or it might be dropped even which can lead to losing your data. Therefore, it is important to transfer your iPhone data on your computer on a regular basis to keep them safe and secured. If you even want to sell your old iPhone or dump it, you need to save your data on your PC. For having factory settings, you must backup your iPhone data on your computer before resetting your iPhone.

You might get into any of the above situations anytime. Therefore, it is really important to know how to transfer files from iPhone to PC. We have tried to make few solutions that can help you to transfer your data to your computer. You can use iTunes and your Windows computer described in Solution 1 and 2 for transfer files with some limitations. You can find the ultimate solution at the end of this article in Solution 3. And you have to follow the instructed way to transfer your files successfully from your iPhone to your personal computer.

Part 1: How to Transfer Files from iPhone to PC using iTunes

The first method that might come into any person’s mind while transferring the iPhone data to the computer. iTunes is the most widely used software for managing iOS devices on your computer. Before starting to approach for transferring data, go to Apple’s iTunes website to download the latest version of this tool, and install the software on your computer. Now, follow the below steps properly to save your phone data to your PC successfully.

  • Launch iTunes on your personal computer and connect your iPhone using a USB data cable.
  • Unlock your device and use the password if required. Then check whether your device has been detected by iTunes.
  • Click on the ‘Back Up Now’ button just under your device details and wait for a while to finish the backup process.
  • Now under the ‘Edit’ menu tab, find ‘Preferences’ option and click on this button.
  • From the popper-up menu, now select the Devices tab to check whether the backup has been successfully done.

You might want to use encryption for securing your data, and it is an easier job to be done using iTunes. You can find ‘Encrypt Backup’ in the backup option and create a password to continue your encrypted backup creation.

The great advantage of this method is the utmost reliability. As you are using iTunes to transfer your data from your iPhone to your PC, the process is completely safe due to using this Apple product. Besides, iTunes is free to use to its full extent, and it is easy to use by a new user even. However, there are few disadvantages of this tool as well. You cannot check or view your files before keeping a backup. Again, you cannot save your device data selectively.

Part 2: How to Transfer Videos and Photos from iPhone to PC Manually

This one is another simple method with some specific purpose. The most important data for you might be videos and photos on your iPhone. And these media files are worth not losing while updating your phone. There are few ways to store them on your PC, and you can make some free space on your iPhone to capture more photos and record new videos. You can easily transfer your media files (photos and videos only) on your Windows PC. Make sure to follow the below steps to know how to transfer files from iPhone to PC.

  • Using a USB data cable, connect your iOS device to your personal computer properly.
  • When your device has been successfully connected, you will see an AutoPlay window appearing on your PC screen.
  • Now select the ‘Import Pictures and Videos’ from the options appeared in the AutoPlay window.
  • Then, input the necessary settings for importing videos and pictures from your iPhone.
  • Click on the ‘OK’ button to finish your process.

The above easy steps are enough to make a backup of your videos and pictures on your iPhone to your PC. The main advantage here is that this method is too easy to be handled by any new user even and completely free to do. But this solution is only limited to transfer your photos and videos. You cannot again find any selective transfer of your video and photo files. However, this is a free and easy process with the Windows PC which is completely safe and secure for your data protection and backup.

Part 3: How to Transfer Files from iPhone to PC Selectively Using iMyFone iTransor Lite

This is the last but the most important solution for transferring your files to your computer. All the limitations of the above two methods can be overcome here. This powerful iPhone data transfer app has already gained popularity due to its efficient and easier transferring of iPhone data. iMyFone iTransor Lite (D-Port) is an excellent data export software for iOS devices to save your iPhone device data to your computer. This application offers to choose your data before transferring them when you will connect your device to any Windows or Mac computer. You can check all the features that it will offer you in brief here:

  • Save around 20 types of different media files of your iPhone on your computer.
  • You can select files after viewing and transfer them on your personal computer.
  • Third-party apps i.e. WeChat, IMO, WhatsApp, etc. data can be transferred to your computer. Restore WhatsApp from Google Drive to iPhone easily.
  • It is a very reliable software and so efficient to use.
  • View your phone data and extract them from iCloud backup.

Step by step guide to transfer iPhone data to PC with iMyFone iTransor Lite (D-Port)

1. Download iMyFone iTransor Lite tool and make the installation:

You can download iMyFone iTransor Lite tool from this link. There is a full version here to buy the complete software to use in full extent. Once you have downloaded the application, install it to your computer following the in-app installation guide.

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2. Launch the data exporter software and connect your iPhone:

Now run the iPhone and iTunes Backup Viewer on your computer and connect your iPhone to your PC and confirm whether your phone has been successfully connected.

3. Transfer files from iPhone to PC:

Once you launch the application and the device is connected, find the Export button from the left panel of the tool screen and then click on the button for the iPhone device. Now you have to select all the files types that you desire to transfer your iPhone data.

4. Finalize the data exporting process

You can preview your data after selecting all the file types which you want to transfer. Once you select your files, you can just click on the Export button to start transferring your iPhone data on your computer. Finally, you will get your iPhone data saved on your personal computer.

You can use any method described above, and you will find a lot of tools to transfer your data on your computer. You cannot transfer media files selectively with the first two methods. But only iMyFone D-Port can help you to transfer more than 20 file types on your computer. The other applications available on the internet will not help you to do these tasks as easily as any new user can do using the iMyFone tool. Following this article, you can easily transfer files from iPhone to PC.

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