How to Transfer Music from External Hard Drive to iTunes

iTunes and external hard drives- both these storage media are regarded as high-tech options to manage data these days. You may have several reasons to transfer your mobile data from one device to the other or to transfer music from external hard drive to iTunes. You can use an external hard drive to manage your songs with full control over the storage medium. However, many people do not trust external hard drives for various security reasons. For similar security reasons, they do not want to store their data over cloud storage or online storage.

However, people do trust iTunes over other media, but the sad part about iTunes is that it imposes certain restrictions for its users. For instance, you cannot transfer music from an external hard drive to the iTunes program freely as the process is a little slow. You cannot wait forever to understand the iTunes program and then use it to listen to your favorite songs. In fact, you can simply download iMusic to transfer Music from External Hard Drive to iTunes in just a few minutes.

In this article, you will find ways to import music from an external storage medium to iTunes. You will be completely informed about the process to transfer Music from External Hard Drive to iTunes.

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Section 1: The free method to transfer Music from External Hard Drive to iTunes

The free methods of doing something always appeal us the most. That is why; this article also contains the first method to transfer Music from External Hard Drive to iTunes that is free of cost. This is a convenient and easy way to manage your music files with just a few clicks. You may also like to know how to get online music for free, here is the Best Music Downloader worths trying.

Step 1
Attach the external hard disk consisting of the iTunes media files to your PC.

Step 2
Download and launch the iTunes program on your PC.

Step 3
If you are using a Windows PC, you will find the hard drive in “My Computer” located on the desktop.
If you are using a Mac, you will find the external drive right on your desktop.

Step 4
Open the hard disk folder to view your folder if iTunes media.

Step 5
Click “Music” tab given on the left side panel of the iTunes program.

Add Music from External Hard Drive to iTunes Library

Step 6
From the hard disk drive, drag your music folder to the iTunes window.
That is it! You have successfully transferred your music to the iTunes program free of cost.

Transfer Music from External Hard Drive to iTunes

Step 7
When the folder is completely transferred to iTunes, you need to close it once and then re-open the iTunes window.

You can also use this method to drag and drop various other kinds of files such as movies and TV shows.

Features of iMusic

iMusic is a robust program, which you can use to download, manage, and transfer music to your Android and iOS device.

  • Keep your data safe and secure with iMusic as it does not invade your privacy. The software does not use the internet to run; you can make an offline transfer with iMusic.
  • As opposed to the competitors providing similar programs, you can download the trial version of iMusic and evaluate it before buying the complete program.
  • The user interface of iMusic is very simple and attractive, which you can easily understand to perform MP3juice Free Music Download.
  • Transfer music from Android to your iPhone, iPad, and iPod of all versions.
  • iMusic can transfer music between two mobiles, tablets, or computers.
  • You can use YouTube as your preferred source of music with iMusic.
  • The software supports more than 10,000 websites to download videos and music.
  • You are able to use the iTunes program with your Android music player.
  • Organize the music library of your iTunes program with iMusic.
  • Fix covers and ID3 tags with the software.
  • De-duplicate your songs and eliminate missing songs from iTunes.
  • Share your playlist of iTunes with iMusic.

You will soon see the new versions of iMusic music with even better performance and enhanced features.

Section 2: How to use iMusic to transfer Music from External Hard Drive to iTunes

iMusic music is a powerful program to manage your music files on your external disk drive as well as iTunes. Also, you can also resolve several issues related to iTunes with iMusic music such as missing songs, adding media from external drives, de-duplicate songs, etc.
Step 1
Download iMusic on your PC using the following link:

Download iMusic

Step 2
After you have downloaded the .exe file, run the program. You will see the homepage of iMusic.

Step 3
Connect your external hard disc to the PC.

Step 4
Click the button titled “iTunes Library” located on the topmost bar of the iMusic program.

iMusic - iTunes Music Library

Step 5
On the top right corner, click the “+” tab to add files or folders containing your music files. When you choose “Add File“, you will have to select your music files manually from various folders. When you select “Add Folder”, the entire music files of the targeted folder will be transferred to your iTunes library.

Add Music to iTunes Library from External Hard Drive

Step 6
Click “Add File”.

Step 7
A new window will open for you to select the music files.

Step 8
Open the targeted folder from the external hard disk drive.

Step 9
Select the songs you want to transfer and click “Open”. To begin the process of transfer.

After you have transferred your favorite music to iTunes, you can locate them in your iTunes program.

Section 3: Advantages and Disadvantages of using iMusic


  • The iMusic program has a simple user interface, which can be easily understood by most users.
  • You can transfer any number of songs from your external drive to the iTunes library, depending on your storage plan.
  • The software is absolutely free of errors and security risks.
  • iMusic rectifies the problems faced by users while transferring music from an external drive to the iTunes program.


  • Few people may find the process long because of the number of clicks involved in the process.

Section 4: The verdict

It can be hectic for the first-time user to transfer Music from External Hard Drive to iTunes. The new users find iTunes really complicated because of its slow processing and lethargic programming. It takes some time for people to adapt to iTunes. On the other hand, iMusic lets the users have a simple method to transfer Music from External Hard Drive to iTunes.

The creators of this program make sure that you have a seamless experience while transferring music. You can make the most of any technical process only if you have the right tools with you. iMusic makes sure that you do not face any glitches while managing your music files. Moreover, the software is absolutely safe as it runs offline. Usage of the internet sometimes makes your data vulnerable to theft or misuse. You do not have to worry about any such issue with iMusic.

The best part about iMusic is that you can download the trial version of this program and explore it. When you are satisfied with the experience, only then you may proceed to buy it.

Get iMusic

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