Top 3 Ways to Transfer Music from iPhone to iPhone 11/XS/XR/X/8/7/6S Plus

Almost all latest computers and smartphone devices provide a standard for moving, copying, and retrieving data files. File transfer can use wireless connections or use USB cable wires to connect one device to another device to be able to transfer music from iPhone to iPhone X/8 Plus/8/7 Plus/7/6S/6C/6S Plus/5 or any other device. Unfortunately, these techniques are quite too slow and inefficient which often results in incomplete data backup and inconvenient processes. Well, fortunately, there are third-party transfer tools that are able to make music file transfer easier and convenient.

By transferring music from iPhone to iPhone, you can even listen to your favorite music you were able to download from your old iPhone and listen to it again on another new iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6/6S/5S, and so on. So you would not have to purchase a new copy of the song again!

Solution # 1: Transfer Music From iPhone to iPhone using AnyTrans

AnyTrans is developed and released by iMobie Inc. with the main purpose of making file transfer easy and in just one or few clicks away without eating a lot of time from users. Compared to the traditional, old, and tedious method of transferring data files, AnyTrans is better and faster.

iMobie’s AnyTrans has a friendly and easy-to-use interface, simple function buttons and other utilities, quick file transfers (which includes music, photos and a lot more), and wide compatibility with iPhone and other SmartPhone devices. Full AnyTrans Review for you.

Step # 1: Connect your iPhone to MAC Computer

You may use the wireless connection, but it is more encouraged to connect two devices using USB cable wires for stable connection and sync.

Connect your old iPhone which where your music playlist is located and connect it to your MAC

Step # 2: Download and Install iMobie’s AnyTrans

You can download the free trial version of AnyTrans firstly. You may decide to download the premium version later if you wanted to enjoy the full version. Both MAC and Windows Operating systems have downloadable AnyTrans.

Buy for Windows Buy for macOS

After downloading, install AnyTrans. Follow all the simple steps until you have successfully set up the tool on your computer.

Step # 3: Launch AnyTrans

A. iPhone to MAC Computer
  • Launch AnyTrans transfer tool. You may observe that the interface is quite simple and object oriented. The window is easy to navigate through each menu.
  • Choose the < iPhone name> connected with the computer. (iPhone name automatically reflect on the list once successfully connected with the computer)
  • Click on “Audio”
  • Choose music track or tracks you would like to transfer to iTunes
  • When you finalized the list of your music playlists you would want to transfer, you may start to transfer music from iPhone to iPhone now. Tap on “Send to iTunes” icon. And all your tracks are transferred to iTunes.
B. iPhone to iPhone
  • Note: you may have the option to connect both iPhones to a MAC PC to use iMobie’s AnyTrans
  • If you are able to connect both iPhones to your MAC computer, you may use AnyTrans again.
  • From AnyTran’s tab, click the iPhone which where your songs are located (the same as previous instructions)
  • Click on “Audio”
  • Choose ” Send to Device”
  • Select device, wait for your music track to be copied, and all jobs are done!

Advantages and Functionalities of iMobie’s AnyTrans

  • Available free trial version
  • Easy installation process
  • Quick music transfer capability
  • Simple Function windows and tool’s interface
  • Easy access to files
  • Allows files like music, photos, videos, contacts, call history and a lot more
  • Provide easy retrieval of transferred data files
  • Independence from iTunes storage limitation
  • Effortless transfer and retrieval of data files
  • Detection of missing links within programs
  • Music sharing is allowed in one iOS to another iOS (iPhone to iPhone)
  • Both Android and iOS are catered for

Solution # 2: Transfer Music From iPhone to iPhone using FoneTrans

FoneTrans is under the umbrella of software maker AiseeSoft. Based the website of AiseeSoft, Fonetrans is dubbed as the best iOS file transfer tool. It can transfer and manage music, movie, photo and other types of files, not just as a substitute for iTunes utility. It eases the time, effort and risks in data transfer, especially music files.

Step # 1: Connect iPhone which contains music file to MAC Computer

Connect the two devices using a USB cable, the same as above.

Link the original iPhone which where your music playlist is located and connect it to your MAC

Step # 2: Download and Install AiseeSoft FoneTrans

Download free trial version here, or you may purchase the full complete version though.

Free Download Free Download

Install, by agreeing on the installation set up agreement and clicking on to the next tabs.

You will basically know you have successfully installed once a prompt saying you have installed FoneTrans successfully.

Step # 3: Run FoneTrans

A.iPhone to MAC Computer

  • Launch the FoneTrans tool. The home page menu is quite simple and easy to navigate.
  • Choose the < iPhone name> connected with the computer. (iPhone name automatically reflect on the list once successfully connected with the computer)
  • Click on “Music”
  • Select music track or specific songs you like to transfer to iTunes (or you may click “Select All” for convenience)
  • Click, “Export to”, then choose from the drop-down button, “Export to PC”

B.iPhone to iPhone

  • Note: You can link two iPhones which you like to transfer music files to another iPhone with the MAC PC where FoneTrans music transfer is installed
  • Do the same thing as above in procedure A, choose , where original music list is located
  • Then click on “Music”
  • Choose songs you want to transfer to another iPhone device
  • You may click on “Select All” if you decide to transfer all music tracks
  • Choose “Export to”, and then from the drop – down menu button click on the you want to back up your music files. Transfer music from iPhone to iPhone is now effortless.

Advantages and Functionalities of FoneTrans

  • Trial version is available
  • Easy steps to follow during installation portion
  • Able to have faster songs or any music list transfer function
  • Provides User-friendly interface
  • Effortless monitoring and organizing of files
  • Allow a preview display of all data files downloaded, transferred and restored
  • One-clicks (or may be few clicks away) to transfer music, photos, videos, contacts, call history and a lot more
  • Effortless restoration or retrieval of backed-up files such as file apps, music, movies, online messengers messages, SMS, and among others
  • Non-reliance and less exclusivity with iTunes storage capability
  • Auto-debugging and fixing of misplaced links and patches of specific mobile apps
  • Sharing of music in iOS to another phone is allowed
  • Compatibility with all Other iOS, Android and Window Operating Systems

Solution # 3: Transfer Music From iPhone to iPhone using dr.fone

dr.fone is another excellent and genius product by WonderShare software. dr.fone for iOS is among the many trusted product released by WonderShare.

It allows users to enjoy data backup with no hassle, without depending fully on iTunes backup capability. This program allows the users to manage their files really well and soundly without any fear of misplaced music, photo, video, messages, among others. Like any other third-party music transfer and other file transfer software; dr.fone is compatible with both Android and iOS Operating systems. It allows flexible transfer from iPhone to PC, iPhone to iPhone, and vice versa.

Step # 1: Connect iPhone to MAC or PC

Using the USB wire, connect PC and iPhone which contains your music file

Step # 2: Download and Install dr.fone

Get dr.fone – Phone Manager (iOS)

  • A free trial version can be downloaded here.
  • Or to fully enjoy complete premium version.
  • When you downloaded dr.fone, follow simple steps to install the program.
  • Installation setup is easy to follow and user-friendly.
  • A message will be displayed once you were able to installed the tool completely.

Step # 3: Run dr.fone

A.iPhone to MAC PC

  • Run the dr.fone.
  • Click on “Transfer” button, You will then be redirected to dr.fone – Transfer (iOS) main page
  • On the leftmost upper part, you will be able to see connected devices to the PC
  • Choose the < iPhone name> connected with the computer
  • Click on “Music” menu
  • Tick on songs you like to transfer from the existing list
  • Choose menu, “Export to”, then choose from the drop-down button, “Export to PC”

B.iPhone to iPhone

  • Note: You may also want to transfer music from iPhone to iPhone directly. Just connect the two iPhones to the PC where you have installed dr.fone, same way as above
  • Following step A, choose, where it contains the list of your songs
  • Click on “Music” menu icon
  • Pre-select songs or music tracks you wanted to transfer to the other iPhone
  • You may click on “Select All” if you decide to transfer all music tracks
  • Click “Export to”, then choose from the drop-down button, “Export to iPhone”

Advantages and Functionalities of dr.fone for iOS

  • Full compatibility with all other Operating systems like Windows –based devices, Android phone kit, iOS Apple products and among others
  • Free app version is allowed
  • Simple procedure for installation process
  • Simple application interface, easy to navigate and understand
  • Efficient monitoring and organizing of iPhone files
  • Detailed preview display of music files, images, movies, messages, etc
  • Excellent music transfer app
  • Simplified file transfer process
  • Music and movie Sharing from iTunes purchases to another iPhone device
  • Fix and provide debugging script to solve missing links and patches to local phone app
  • Re-organized contacts and removes duplicates
  • Auto-suggest of duplicate photos and music files
  • Storage efficient tool
  • And dr.fone is compatible with multiple music files and different file formats

Reminder: these three third parties music transfer programs are proven to be effectively efficient and fast to transfer music from iPhone to iPhone. However, transferring time depends on few legitimate factors: depending on the number of files being transferred, the connection link between devices, and the size of the file library. Nevertheless, all three tools are effortlessly and excellent products.

Learn more about dr.fone

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