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Best Video Repair Tool for Repairing Your Corrupt or Damaged Video Files in Mac & Windows

Knowing about the best video repair tool comes in handy when your video files are damaged or corrupt. Corrupt video files or video player not responding can be a quite frustrating experience especially if the video files have important videos of family or even work-related.

Fortunately, there are ways to tackle this issue and get back your video files intact. Wondershare video repair tool is an ideal choice when you are looking to repair damaged or corrupted video files. The software is effective on video files stored in the external hard disk drive, hard disks, memory cards, and flash drives. It is compatible with different video file types including F4V, MOV, M4V, and MP4.

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Part 1. Why does a video file got corrupted or damaged?

Damaged video files become inaccessible and are impossible to play. Video files become damaged or corrupted due to several causes including:

  • Virus attack: Threats from malware and viruses cause damage to the entire computer including video files. The viruses cause files to read sectors as damaged sectors. This interferes with the function of the file making it corrupt.
  • The faulty shutdown of a system: Crashes in computer like logical crashes cause file corruption. The system crash usually is due to hardware issues or software bugs.
  • Bad sectors: Loss of magnetism in hard drive causes bad sectors. Videos present in such bad sectors get corrupted automatically.

Other causes include:

  • Write and read errors in the file
  • Format change
  • Corrupt file header
  • Improper compression and download

Any of the above reasons may lead to an inability to play video files.

Part 2. About Video Repair software

Although computers have a good amount of storage space now, they are not completely reliable. You cannot guarantee that your computer or laptop will keep your files safe permanently. And further computers are not ideal for storage of files in the local drive. Just as cloud storage data is hacked, your computer may also be corrupted. The Stellar Phoenix Video Repair tool offers an effective solution for repair of video files, so you will not have to download or buy the files.

Advantages of using a Video Repair tool software

There are several benefits you get when you use a video repair tool.

  • For starters, it helps to retain the video files safely
  • You can enjoy the files for a long time
  • You are saved the hassles of looking for the replacement of the video files

Without an excellent video repair tool, you would have bought new copies of the video files or downloaded new copies. But with this tool, you can be assured that your files are safe and easy to access whenever you need them.

Features of Stellar Phoenix Video Repair tool

Here are some of the excellent features that the video repair tool provides:

  • The tool helps to preview all repaired videos to ensure they are fully recovered before saving them in your system.
  • It takes care of precise header corruption repair in the files. And fix issues like  videos won’t play on iPhone & Kodi Playback Failed
  • Movement errors are taken care of accurately
  • Sound section corruption repairs are done appropriately
  • Corruption of video frames and video file data are taken care of effectively
  • Video slider movement errors are also corrected
  • The tool is effective in video repair of files in Mac including MOV, MP4, M4A, F4V, and M4V. Click here to know more about MOV Repair.
  • In Windows operating systems, the repair tool is successful on video files such as 3GP, 3G2, F4V, MP4, MOV, WMV and ASF

Why is Video Repair tool the best?

The video repair tool provides various advantages when compared to other similar tools in the market such as

  • It rebuilds and repairs damaged or corrupt files on both Mac and Windows systems.
  • You can preview the repaired files and make necessary corrections before saving them.

Part 3. Method to effectively repair corrupt or damaged video files

The Stellar Phoenix Video Repair tool is an advanced repair tool. It is reliable, fast and is an ideal solution for keeping your video files safe. Here is the step by step instruction for using the video repair tool.

Free Download Free Download

Step #1: Adding video files

Download the software in your system, install and run it. Click on the ‘Repair Video’ option. You will be taken to the ‘Add File’ page. Click on the ‘Add’ button present here. You will see a dialogue box of open file type. Browse to find the video file you need to repair from the list of files present.

Step #2: Repair and preview of the video files

Choose the files you want to delete. Click on the ‘Preview‘ option. This will give you a preview of the corrupted or damaged file before the repair process starts. Once you have checked the repair process, you need just to click on the ‘Repair‘ option. This will start the video repair process.

Step #3: Saving video files to the computer after repair

The Preview option can be used after repair. This will help in ascertaining that the files are working properly. Another way is just to click on the ‘Save’ option. This will help save the video files, and in the right location, you want to save them in.

Once the entire video files you need to repair are corrected according to your preference and the files saved properly you will get a confirmation message that indicates the location of the files you have saved. The repaired video files are displayed. You can just click on the link address to be taken to the file location.

Pros of Video Repair tool
  • The video repair tool is free.
  • It is easy to use with a friendly user interface.
  • It supports repair of different file formats such as M4A, MOV, MP4, 3GP, F4V and 3G2.
  • Provides easy preview feature which lets users view repaired videos and verify the repair done.
  • The software is capable of restoring both damaged as well as corrupt video files.
  • The software features allow various restoration processes including sound, data, movement, slider content of the video files.
  • The tool is effective on Mac operating systems including macOS Mojave.
Cons of Video Repair tool
  • The software does not support certain formats.

Part 4. Verdict

Stellar Phoenix Video Repair is a highly efficient tool that helps you when you are in a quandary being unable to play your video files. Damage to video files needs not prevent you from viewing your favorite videos anymore. The repair tool has many advantages including the ability to repair different file formats in both Windows and Mac operating systems. Preview of repaired video files, repair of various types of corrupt or damaged files and a user-friendly format makes this software a highly preferred tool for video repair. Of the various video repair software programs available in the market, the Stellar Phoenix Video Repair is a perfect tool to use for repairing video files.

Free Download Free Download

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  1. Tasha Armstrong says

    Usually when I hear about a free app, service, or etc, I think it’s going to be low quality. This software sounds really useful actually and since I’m new to videography (and have bad luck) I might download this.Free is better than nothing I guess.

    1. iStarsoft says

      When you facing an important corrupt or damaged video, this kind of Video Repair Tool can save your life sometimes…

  2. Brie B. says

    This is fantastic information! A friend and I were trying to fix a few of her video files so she can put them up on Youtube and we couldn’t for the life of us correct the issue. I am going to show her this software and see what she thinks.

    1. iStarsoft says

      With the help of the professional Video Repair software, you will find it so easy to repair damaged or corrupted video files.

  3. Priyank Naresh says

    System crash or just the video file getting corrupted is an issue that everyone faces at one time or the other. This video repair tool with special preview feature looks like a good one to retrieve damaged or faulty videos and return them to their original glory.

    1. iStarsoft says

      That’s true, the Stellar Phoenix Video Repair is really a perfect tool to use for repairing video files, just download the free trial version to have a try…

  4. Graham Josh says

    Fantastic guide. I recorded a lot of videos over the holidays and after I was unable to watch them because of some obscene error, it was frustrating. With this guide, I’ve been able to fix the corruption and watch the videos!

    1. iStarsoft says

      Exactly, Stellar Phoenix Video Repair is the world’s best video repair tool. It will never let you down.

  5. Josh Marcus says

    Me and my friends had recorded some videos to upload to our YouTube channel but after recording, we couldn’t watch the videos. It was annoying as we had spent so much time recording, but fortunately with these methods we could fix the videos and get them uploaded 🙂

    1. iStarsoft says

      Video repair is really troublesome task without a professional Video Repair tool. Repair those corrupt of damaged video files is too simple for this program.

  6. Fourh Guru says

    I had a virus attack not only my phone but my computer as well. Both devices had videos that needed edited on them. Thankfully this application helped me to piece what I had back together to make it into something useful. Granted – some footage was lost, but what we had we made it work

    1. iStarsoft says

      Video repair is not as difficult as you think with this Video Repair program.

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