Awesome Vlog Ideas to Consider & Try Out

Starting a good vlog is a really exciting idea. If you do it correctly and build a regular audience, you can monetize a vlog pretty easily. If you are enthusiastic about starting a vlog, this article explains some awesome vlog ideas to consider.

01. Get a good video editor

Before everything else, you should get the basics right. To start a vlog, you must have a good video camera and a sophisticated video editor like Wondershare Filmora. With the assistance of software like Wondershare Filmora, you will be able to create really awesome video effects. Moreover, Wondershare Filmore comes with over 300 preset video effects.

Why should you use Wondershare Filmora

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  • This video joiner app is compatible with both Windows and Mac platforms

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02. Shoot an interesting interview

With an interview type of video, you and the person you interview can benefit. The interviewee will be able to build an audience for him or her while you can get more views. In fact, an interview can help your vlog to thrive in SERP rankings too. However, the success of the interview video depends on the type of niche. Therefore, it is always better to select a trending niche with highly interesting questions. To make it more effective, you can consider shooting a series of interviews. Such an approach might build a solid audience for your vlog. You may consider creating a poll in the vlog to decide a future interviewee too. It will increase the interaction of the viewers.

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03. Teach something through your vlog

One of the most effective vlog ideas we can present is to teach something. In general, “how to” videos are popular all the time. You can create such videos on pretty much everything. For instance, DIY projects are enormously popular among internet users. Select a series of DIY projects and present them with the assistance of an expert. These projects can vary depending on the niche of your vlog. Teaching how to make crafts, exciting scientific projects, cooking, etc. are some ideas to consider.

04. Harmless video pranks

A good video prank can go viral very easily. However, you should choose a concept wisely without posing any physical or psychological damage. In most of the cases, such prank demands the assistance of a team. Write the script creatively and do your prank to grab more attention. Be sure that you don’t harm anybody (including animals) as a part of this prank.

05. Baby videos

There is a massive demand for cute baby videos. You can collect a batch of baby videos from various individuals and create a viral video. You may ask your audience to send if they have any baby videos so that you can edit them.

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06. Funny animal videos

Everybody loves funny animal videos. Cats and dogs often do funny things when they sleep, play, and eat. Try to collect a large number of clips and create a video using your video editing software, Wondershare Filmora.

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07. Tutorials

Apart from DIY videos, you can think of creating more professional tutorial videos. For instance, tutorials related to 3D animation, video editing, photoshop, etc. may have massive demand. But, you should be sure to keep your tutorials interesting and useful. You shouldn’t recreate tutorials that were already done by someone.

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08. Create a documentary

A series of the documentary is one of the most popular and effective vlog ideas you should consider. You can select a theme for your documentary depending on your preference and the resources you have. Road trips, hiking, hunting, fishing, food tasting, and cycling are some of the popular vlog ideas you can consider.

09. Find rare events

Videos of any rare event can be one of the exciting vlog ideas to consider. Particularly, rare natural events can go extremely viral across the globe. One good rare natural video can bring millions of viewers to your vlog. A hurricane, flood, desert storm, tilde waves, rare animal footage, etc. are examples of such videos. Of course, you cannot create rare natural videos. However, you can be prepared all the time with your camera to capture what comes across.

10. Broadcast an event

Be aware of the events that take place (related to your niche of course) and cover them. Broadcasting the events on a regular basis will build a regular audience for your vlog. Eventually, they will make it a habit to visit your vlog upon an event.

Important tips to couple with your vlog ideas

As a smart vlogger, you must be able to couple the below-mentioned tips with the vlog ideas we mentioned.

Use social media to promote your vlog

You cannot grow a massive audience overnight. Growing a considerable audience is a long process. You shouldn’t forget social media in this case. Social media has become the most powerful marketing tool today, and you should promote your vlog through it.

Comment on blogs

You must find popular blog sites related to the niche of your vlog and start commenting on them. Such approach will drive traffic towards your vlog gradually.

Never compromise the quality

As a good vlogger, you should maintain quality on your vlog. Don’t upload blurred videos (unless it is a very rare incident) on your vlog. That is why you should use a video maker like Wondershare Filmora to add some professionalism to videos.

Use the right kind of tone

You must make sure that you use the correct voice and tone to narrate your video. You may have to change your tone depending on the content of the video. If not, the audience will find it difficult to stay with your vlog.

If you want to become a professional vlogger, you must have a good idea about the trending topic. Be sure to have your vlog updated to match the trends in order to grab a better audience.

Don’t ever publish fake or unreliable content on your vlog. Although such content can draw the attention of the audience for a short period, you will fail in the long run. Don’t expect your vlog to thrive within 24 hours. You should spend time and dedicate yourself to build a vlog that thrives. You should always keep hunting for new vlog ideas and update your knowledge.