Western Digital Data Recovery: Easy, Fast & Safe Recovery Guide

Occasionally we do tend to delete files that are of great significance by mistake. This applies to Western Digital data files too. But Western Digital Data Recovery with Wondershare software can easily correct this issue before you go into a tailspin about losing your data. Whether you have deleted the files and they have landed in the recycle bin on Windows system or in the Trash in your Mac computer, you can easily and quickly do a complete recovery.

And some users face the need for Western digital data recovery when they accidentally format the drive and forget to back up the important files. Another scenario where you may need to do Western Digital data recovery is when your disk gets corrupted because of a sudden power outage. These issues can also be resolved effectively just like the accidental deletion of files. You need not worry about the WD drive is inaccessible anymore. Read on to know how this is possible.

Part 1: Most effective way to perform Western Digital Data Recovery

If you have done a proper backup of all the data present in the Western Digital drive, it is easy to restore the lost or deleted data by just copying the data to the disk. If you have not done a backup, you will have to use an appropriate data recovery program for Western Digital hard drives, so you can find the lost data and retrieve it successfully.

Wondershare Hard Drive data recovery is an ideal tool to perform a successful Western Digital data recovery. The recovery tool is simple and convenient to use and apt for all types of users. It can be of tremendous assistance regardless of the type of data loss you are dealing with in your Western Digital drive.

Why Wondershare Data recovery for Western Digital drive is the best

Here are some of the outstanding features of Wondershare recovery tool that make it the best in the industry for Western Digital data recovery:

  • It recovers files from external hard drive not detected & recovers deleted or lost data including audio, photos, emails, music and more from any storage device successfully and safely.
  • The retrieval of data is complete.
  • It supports data retrieval from the Pen drive, hard drive; recycle bin, flash drive, camcorders and digital camera.
  • Wondershare data recovery is also available for Mac OS users. The Wondershare data recovery tool for Mac is also accessible to Mavericks now.
  • The software is skilled in retrieving data lost due to several reasons including virus attack, corrupt hard drive, formatting, accidental deletion, system crash, raw or inaccessibility, unexpected power outage, partition error, factory reset done without backup, reinstalled Windows system and in more such situations.
  • Wondershare is designed to support various operation system versions including Windows Vista/XP/10/8/7 and for Mac OS X users 10.10/10.9/10.8/10.7/10.6/Sierra/El Capitan and Yosemite and on Mac Pro, MacBook, iMac, iMac Pro and more.
  • Wondershare allows preview feature so users can make selective recovery of files they need and leave the unwanted files.
  • Deep scan feature helps search for the data in a deep and thorough way, so you find any file type easily and quickly.
  • The file recovery feature is very advanced allowing retrieval of formatted, damaged and deleted files in a few minutes.
  • The results of the scan can be saved completely and imported to the program so that you can do a file recovery at any given time.

The software is very simple to use. You need just to download the software tool to your computer and do the three step recovery method to retrieve the lost files easily. Make sure you use the appropriate version. The software is so simple that it is very popular among users and over 4.526,917 people have used it successfully.

Part 2: Ideal solution for retrieving lost data in Western digital drive

Find below the steps to complete successful retrieval of data that you have lost from you Western Digital drive:

Step #1. Connect the Western Digital drive to your computer. After you have made a proper connection between the drive and the computer, you can launch Wondershare Western Digital drive recovery tool.

Step #2. Select the specific file type you want to retrieve from the external Western Digital hard disk.

Western Digital hard drive Data Recovery

Step #3. Choose the Western Digital hard disk in the software interface and click on, ‘Start’ option. This will initiate a scan of the files by the software.

Step #4. Scan the Western Digital drive. Once you complete a rapid scan, you can do a simple preview of the files recovered from the WD drive. If you are still unable to find the file you have lost, you can use the Deep Scan option.

Step #5. Now you can use the preview option of the software to verify the files recovered. Once you have verified the files, you can restore the data on your Western Digital hard drive. You can also mark the files that you need to retrieve from the hard disk drive. Now click on, ‘Recover’ option to save the files to the computer.

Recover Data from Western Digital hard drive

When you do data recovery of the files in your Western Digital external drive, it is recommended to save the files you have recovered from another storage device or hard disk. This is to avoid loss of the data if the source files have been overwritten.

How successful is Western Digital hard drive data recovery?

Wondershare data recovery software is designed to assist in the most effective recovery of data so that you can be assured of an efficient Western Digital drive data recovery. Irrespective of the cause behind the data deletion such as accidental deletion, virus attack or due to formatting done on the drive, the recovery is completely possible. The reason for the recovery is that the files you delete are not erased permanently.

During deletion of data files from external hard disk, the files bypass Trash Bin or Recycle bin. This is because WD drive does not possess a recycling feature. So the files are present intact in the disk of the WD drive. Even if you delete the data in the drive accidentally, they remain unharmed in the disk of the hard drive. However, the space that the files had occupied will now be available for overwriting. This scenario is present in the case of deletion due to formatting too. Provided space does not get overwritten; it is not possible to do data recovery from the hard drive.

As you can see Wondershare data recovery tool is an excellent software program designed to solve your data loss issue. The software tool for data recovery is relentless in retrieving data irrespective of how you had lost the data from your Western Digital disk drive. With Wondershare Western digital data recovery, you can have a hassle-free and efficient data recovery safeguarding your device and data in an easy and quick way. Try Wondershare Data Recovery now!