iPad Running Slow | Why Is My iPad So Slow and How Can I Fix It

Are you wondering, why is my iPad so slow and not working in top condition as it did before? Any device such as a laptop or PC tends to run slow with time including your iPhone.

The reasons behind this warning performance are aplenty. One big reason is the overloading of the system with cookies and files. These take up too much space slowing down the system.

In general, the iPad has powerful processors that run much faster when compared to other older model devices. However, even with the most advanced iPad, you may have to deal with the sluggish and slow response that irritates you beyond imagination.

Why is My iPad so Slow? The issue of iPad Running Slow has Several Reasons Such as:

  • The iPad has several apps running simultaneously.
  • The iPad memory is full.
  • You have stored plenty of junk files in the system.
  • The device may contain huge numbers of temporary files and caches.

Tips for How to Fix iPad Running Slow

To return your iPad to its former glory here are a few tips that are sure to boost the performance and make it run as new:

  • 1.Update the iPad with the most advanced operating system as this will come with the newest tweaks and features. You can update to the latest version by visiting the software update feature in the iPad settings feature.
  • 2.One obvious way to fix the iPad running slow issue is to remove all the apps you don’t use.
  • 3.Turning off the location service feature in the Privacy section of Settings is another way.
  • 4.Factory reset will return your iPad to its initial blank state before you added all the files, apps and other data. However, make sure you do an iCloud and iTunes backup of all important files before you do the reset.
  • 5.The last and most effective way is to use a phone cleaner tool like PhoneClean or Wondershare Safe Eraser to clean up the device and create more space and better performance.

Best Phone Cleaning Programs to Fix iPad Running Slow Issue.

However, you need not worry about the time and effort involved in fixing this issue with the phone cleaning tools. It can be done at leisure in your home itself. You can find several tools that help to clean the iPad and boost its speed. Here is a list of apps that have the capability of increasing the speed of your phone sending you into a surprised and pleasant stupor.

1 – dr.fone Data Eraser

dr.fone Data Eraser (iOS) is a hugely popular tool that offers the ideal solution for your iPad running slow issues. Most of the information we delete can be recovered which many users are not aware of.

With the dr.fone tool, you can keep your precious data secure by permanently erasing the information such as clearing the history of browsing and caches and safeguarding all personal data. All the data erased with the tool will be permanently erased ensuring it is not misused by nefarious persons in any way.

dr.fone - iOS Data Eraser

2 – PhoneClean

When you are worried about the speed of your device, PhoneClean is the ideal software to restore the speed of your device. Many users have attested to the effective and efficient functioning of the device. Smartphones have completely transformed the way people perform their tasks.

From personal and business communication to paying bills and transacting online, you can do almost all the tasks that you do on your computer and more.

Fix iPad Running Slow  with PhoneClean

PhoneClean is an excellent app that is easy and convenient to use. Since the functions performed are straightforward, users will find it very simple to use. And most important of all, the app does not consume much storage space, and further, it is ready to use immediately after you install the software on your device.

3 – CleanMyPhone

Of the various cleaning apps available now, CleanMyPhone is a popular one as it gets rid of all unwanted files present in your iPad. With less storage space taken up by the data files, you will find an increase in the speed of your app. Once you have used the CleanMyPhone app on your iPad, you will find that there is more space in your device for games, music, pictures, and other data files.

Fix iPad Running Slow  with Cleanmyphone

Besides freeing up storage space, CleanMyPhone app also erases all the media content that are unassociated with one single sweep. This further increases the available space. The application also helps safeguard all your personal and important information, deletes the cookies and other scripts. Thus all your personal information is completely protected. This ensures that all your information does not get hacked while you are making connections. Another important highlight of this app is its rapid review of huge files. It can review and clean the files quickly so you can do a proper backup of all the crucial data on your device.

4 – iFreeUp

If you find your iPad running slow than normal and want to restore it to its normal speed, you should optimize the system, which the iFreeUp app does with perfection. By optimizing the tool, you can bring about the necessary alterations in the phone set up, clean up all unwanted and unnecessary files boosting the performance of the device immensely to fix iPad running slow issue.


The innovative and unique app is popular because of its candid and simple optimization process. The method is very simple. You have first to download the app on your computer and connect the iPad to the computer. You will be able to view the current interface on the startup screen. Click on, ‘Sleep’ feature. This will start a complete evaluation of the device. You will receive a complete report when the process is over.

5 – Tenorshare iCareFone

Tenorshare iCareFone is an amazing phone cleaner tool. It provides several unique selections which you would find difficult to access even from Apple iTunes. The iPhone cleaner tool acts rapidly and does a deep cleaning of your device. When Tenorshare has finished its work, you will find a vast improvement in the performance of the operating system and more space for storing your files.

The cleanup process is very easy and can be accomplished in a few clicks. And when it has cleaned up your device, you can instantly notice the difference in performance, especially when your device is filled with a huge number of images and apps.

The outstanding feature in the Tenorshare software is its ending feature. The feature can correct all the irregularities that prevent the system from functioning properly. Further, the cleanup method is very neat and precise allowing no space whatsoever for errors.


On reading about why is my iPad so slow & the various iOS device cleaning programs, you will find that nearly all of them offer rapid cleaning and enhanced performance. Most importantly with programs such as dr.fone Data Eraser and iCareFone, you can be assured of not only an effective cleanup of your device and heightened performance but also the complete protection of your cherished iPad and be free of iPad running slow issues once and for all.


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