Top 4 Methods to Perform WinRAR Crack Via the Best WinRAR Password Cracker

WinRAR is considered as the best option for data protection and compression. WinRAR permits the encryption of the RAR files with the password. The encryption process sounds cool as long as you remember the password. However, if you do not remember the password, you can opt for a WinRAR crack.

With the help of WinRAR, you can store your files safely by compressing them in ‘.RAR format.’ However, there are times when you forget the password of the WinRAR file that is protected. But do not worry, you just require a method to perform WinRAR crack. In this article, we will acquaint you with a few methods to perform WinRAR crack. You can make use of these methods in case you have forgotten the password or lost it.

The methods mentioned in the article are quite simple. You don’t require technical knowledge to perform these methods for WinRAR crack. All you have to do is follow the instructions carefully without missing any step.

So what are we waiting for? Let us get started.

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Part 1: 4 techniques to perform WinRAR crack

Here are the four ways to perform WinRAR crack. As we mentioned earlier, these methods are easy, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Simply, follow the steps and solve the problem.

Technique 1 for WinRAR Crack: With the help of Notepad/CMD

This technique will give you information about cracking the RAR files password with the use of any software. There are times when the RAR files protected by passwords face a few problems. However, you can perform WinRAR crack without the help of any software. You just have to use easy Notepad tricks.

In case you do not remember the password, there are chances you will generate a recovery tool (almost everyone prefers integer passwords). Anyone can create any tool by themselves.

Without any further ado, let us create a recovery tool for the password with the help of CMD.
The steps mentioned below will guide you in performing WinRAR crack.

Note: An important to remember here is that this technique will only crack Integer passwords.

Steps to perform WinRAR crack

1. Open the Notepad program by pressing the ‘Windows‘ button with the ‘R‘ button and then typing ‘Notepad.’ After typing, hit the ‘Enter‘ option.

2. As soon as the Notepad window opens, you need to copy the code mentioned below and paste it into the Notepad window.

@echo off
title Rar Password Cracker
mode con: cols=47 lines=20
copy “C:\Program Files\WinRAR\Unrar.exe”
SET/P “NAME=Enter File Name : “
IF “%NAME%”==”” goto NERROR
goto GPATH
echo ERROR
Echo Sorry you can’t leave it blank.
goto RAR
SET/P “PATH=Enter Full Path : “
IF “%PATH%”==”” goto PERROR
goto NEXT
echo ERROR
Echo Sorry you can’t leave it blank.
goto RAR
goto PATH
echo ERROR
Echo Opppss File does not Exist.
Del “Unrar.exe”
echo FILE = %NAME%

3. Tap on the ‘Save‘ option, and do not forget to add crack.bat (make sure that the extension should be .bat).

4. Now, launch the ‘crack.bat‘ file via double-clicking on it. Your screen will display a CMD window.

5. After this, you need to write the file name together with the file extension. Then tap on the ‘Enter‘ button. You will have to enter the file location. So, enter the location (go to the RAR file and find the location). Tap on the ‘Enter‘ option to continue further.

6. It will take a little time to search for the password. Therefore, you have to wait until then the whole process finishes.

Technique 2 for WinRAR Crack: With the help of commonly used passwords

This technique will help you to perform WinRAR crack with the help of some commonly used passwords. So, follow these steps to see if it works for you.

Steps to perform WinRAR crack

winrar password cracker

1. Launch the encrypted file of whose password you wish to crack. Tap on the ‘Extract To‘ button. Then, locate the file to a place that you wish to.

2. Write the file’s password in the desired box by making a guess ABCD or 1234, whatever looks common. Tap on the ‘OK‘ button.

3. Now, verify the destination pathway. You will notice a fresh folder with the file that is no more protected by the password.

Note: There is no guarantee that the password you guess is right.

Technique 3 for WinRAR Crack: With the help of WinRAR password cracker

If the above two techniques fail to solve your problem, you can try this technique. A program called ‘Passper for RAR‘ is a perfect WinRAR password cracker. The UI of this tool is friendly, and it has the capability to crack the password quickly. As soon as Passper for RAR cracks the password, it will display it on the window.

This tool uses three modes to crack the RAR password. These attack modes are dependent on how the password has been forgotten.

Here are the steps to perform WinRAR crack with the help of WinRAR password cracker.

Steps to perform WinRAR crack

1. Firstly, head to the official site of Passper for RAR. Now, download and launch the program on the PC. You will receive a notification that the library is getting updated. Just wait for some time to allow the process to finish.

Get Passper for RAR

best winrar password cracker -  Passper for RAR

2. Now, tap on the ‘Add‘ option to upload the RAR files to crack the password. Hit on the ‘Start‘ option.

3. A fresh window will open with the three recovery modes WinRAR break. Select the ‘Brute Force mode‘ if you do not have an idea about the file password.

In case you remember some part of the password, select the ‘Brute Force with Mask Attack mode.’ Other than this, you have the option of ‘Dictionary Attack‘ that permits you to add a listing of feasible passwords for that specific file.

crack rar password with Passper

4. As soon as you choose the right mode, tap on the ‘Recover’ option. This will enable Passper for RAR to perform WinRAR crack.

5. When the program finds the password, it will notify and display the password on the window. Now, copy that password and try to open the password-protected RAR file using the new password.

That’s it. This technique is too simple and gives you effective results. So, go ahead and try this method to unlock RAR password with ease. If this doesn’t work either, try another technique.

Try Passper for RAR

Technique 4 for WinRAR Crack: Without any software

In a few cases, you might not wish to install any software on the PC for various reasons, such as less storage space or, maybe you don’t handle WinRAR files much. In these kinds of situations, take the help of a password unlocker for RAR files online.

Steps to execute WinRAR crack

1. Launch a browser on the PC and head to the ‘Password Decryption Online‘ program.

2. Now, hit the ‘Upload your Encrypted file‘ button. You will see a bunch of files. Select the file to execute WinRAR crack.

3. As soon as you upload the file, start the process of unlocking it. After the file is unlocked, start downloading it. Other than that, you can give your email ID to receive the file later.

Part 2: Learn to add the password to WinRAR archive

We have already learned about cracking the password in the above section. It is time to acknowledge the procedure of adding a password in the RAR file.

This process is straightforward if you have the WinRAR program on the PC.

Steps to add a password

1. Launch the WinRAR program on the PC. Select the ‘Add‘ option from the main menu.

2. Now, you can browse the files that you wish to Archive as RAR. Choose the required file and pick the archive format as RAR.

3. After this, go to the right part of the screen. Choose the ‘Set Password‘ option. You will be prompted to type a password. Write the password and confirm it for the verification process.

4. Mark on the ‘Encrypt File Names‘ option and hit the ‘OK‘ option. After all these steps, the password will be added to the desired WinRAR file.

So, this was all about WinRAR crack and WinRAR password cracker. You can use any technique according to your convenience to crack the RAR file. However, the best option among all is to use Passper for RAR as it is quite effective.

If you have any other queries or doubts, let us know in the comments below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.