How to Wipe Cache Partition in 1-Click on Android

Learning how to wipe cache partition on an Android phone can make your experience of using your device smoother and more seamless. The cache is the temporary directory being utilized by the phone system to download the temporary files it needs every time it installs apps as such. In general, wiping cache partition will not have any noticeable effect on you as the end user. Aside from that, it doesn’t necessarily free up any amount of space or whatsoever since this is considered as a separate partition. This means that it will always use a similar amount of total space in the disk storage.
However, Google stated that clearing the cache will not help that much in increasing the available storage on your device since every single device comes with allotted default storage for the cache that cannot be decreased or increased.

Good thing that there is now new tools and software such as dr.fone – Android Data Eraser and dr.fone – Android Phone Manager that can help you wipe cache partition & manage your Android smartphone with ease without going through so much trouble and hassle.

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Part 1. What Happens When You Wipe Cache Partition on Your Android Device?

The system cache partition is the one that stores system data temporarily. The cache helps the device system in accessing the apps as well as its data faster although there are instances when it can also get outdated. That is why cleaning your cache is good for your system within a specific time interval. This particular process can help the system to run smoothly. Take note that cache cleaning is completely different from the concept of factory reset. This process will not in any way affect your internal or personal data. There are times when it is actually recommended that you do some cache cleaning following a system update.

The “dalvik cache” is the /data/dalvik-cache that can usually be found on common Android devices. When you install an app on your Android OS, the app will make certain modifications and optimizations on dex file, the file that contains all Dalvik bytecode for that app. After that, the app will cache the optimized dex or odex file in the dalvic cache directory. This will help the app in skipping the step, again and again, each time it loads.

When you wipe cache partition, this can affect your device’s booting time since it will not delete any user setting or data from your Android device.

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Part 2. Methods and Steps to Wipe Cache Partition on Your Android Device

There are different methods you can try for wiping cache partition on your Android device.

1st Method: Recovery Mode

1. Put your device in Recovery Mode. To do this, just hold the volume up button, home button, and power button all at the same time. In case this method doesn’t work for your specific device, you can always search online for a suitable combination for your device’s model. There are some devices such as the Sony Xperia Z3 or the Moto G3 which have a completely different way of entering the Recovery Mode. That is why if this step doesn’t work for you, you can go online to see how you should do it on your device.

Wipe Cache Partition in Recovery Mode

2. The device is now going to load in Recovery Mode once you power it on. The Recovery Mode will give you the chance to clear your device’s system cache. You can see the option Wipe Cache Partition. At this point, you will be using the buttons for volume for navigation.

3. When you choose the Wipe Cache Partition option, this will not delete any of your data on your device. However, you have to be careful not to choose the Wipe Data/Factory Reset option since this will completely delete all of your data on your device.

4. After that, the entire previous cache will be clean, and a new cache is going to be generated already.

2nd Method: Wipe Cache Partition from Settings

1. Go to the Settings menu, click on Storage and you will be prompted with the amount of memory being used by the partition under the Cached Data option.

2. Click on Cached Data then tap Okay if there is a confirmation box to complete the process.

3. Take note that there are certain Android OS versions that will not allow you to delete cache using this method.

3rd Method: Individual Apps Cache

There are times when you would rather clear the cache data of specific apps manually. You can also do these with the following steps:

1. Go to Settings and click Apps.

2. Tap on the specific app you would like to clear.

3. Tap on Clear Cache found near the screen’s bottom.

Deleting cache data app is extremely useful at times when users like to have cache data from some usages, yet wish to delete from particular apps. Remember that this process is lengthy if you consider cleaning all cache data by this process. Therefore, this option enables you to choose the cache that you like to clear, and it’s a really simple process.

Part 3. New Tools to Wipe Cache Partition & Manage Android Data With Ease

dr.fone – Android Data Eraser and dr.fone – Phone Manager (Android) are software effective in helping you wipe cache partition and manage Android smartphones. Each software has unique features and is guaranteed to give you results.

1. Dr.Fone Toolkit – Android Data Eraser – Wipe Cache Partition on Android Completely

Erase everything completely on Android as well as provides protection for your privacy. The process is simple. It lets you wipe Android permanently and completely. Delete contacts, photos, call logs, messages, and private data. It also supports every Android device available in today’s market.

Factory reset or simple deletion doesn’t erase data on Android permanently. The data deleted may be retrieved with the use of the available technology. The Android Data Eraser guarantees that the privacy is definitely safe through deleting the erased files permanently, protecting personal information, clearing caches and browsing history.

If you are planning to sell your Android phone, you may also use this Android Data Erase when wiping out your personal data. You may also erase all types of personal data on the Android device. You may just use the tool to wipe all your private information such as messages and attachments, photos, call history, contacts, calendars, notes, app data, and reminders on your Android permanently.

Wipe Cache Partition with dr.fone Eraser

There are many reasons why you should choose Dr.Fone Toolkit, and these include the following:

  • Ease of use
  • No data leaked or kept during the process
  • Intuitive interface for everybody to use
  • 100% security
  • Deleted data cannot be recovered by any tool
  • 100 percent unrecoverable
  • Effective, fast, and simple to use.
  • It supports all Android devices. Regardless if you are using Sony, Samsung, HTC, Google Nexus, Motorola, ZTE, LG, and so on, you can use this software. It also does not matter what version of Android you are running on your device.

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How Android Data Eraser Works?

It helps users remove data completely unreadable and clean up the entire disk completely. After that, the users have to do a factory reset manually on the phone afterward. With such operations, your data won’t be able to be recovered by anybody again.

Does This Software Erase All Data Completely on Your Phone?

The answer is yes. This Android Data Eraser permanently and completely clean up all personal data on your Android phone including messages, photos, contacts, calendars, app data, apps, call logs, and much more.

What Should You Remember When Using Android Data Eraser?

Never disconnect your Android device or open any Android management software during the entire process. Follow the instructions on the Android Data Eraser to do the factory reset on your phone. As of now, Android Data Eraser supports every Android device available in the market. It quickly supports more new Android devices when they’re released.

2. dr.fone Phone Manager – the One-Stop Solution for Android Management

It is a must-have phone manager. It acts like a one-stop solution that allows you to manage your mobile lifestyle in just one convenient place. Backup and transfer photos, contacts, SMS, music, and more on your Android and iOS devices with this phone manager. The best thing about this is that it’s fully compatible with Android 11.

Wipe Cache Partition Using dr.fone - Android Transfer

Some of its supported files include TV Shows, Audiobooks, Podcasts, videos, playlists, music, and so on.

Other Features of dr.fone Phone Manager (Android)

  • Transfer Photos – You can backup your photos to your computer and transfer each of your photos between iOS and Android devices with ease.
  • Backup – You can backup SMS and contacts from your Android devices to your computer.
  • Import – You can import your contacts from your Outlook or computer to Android or iOS Android devices at one go.
  • Management – You can manage your contacts through add, edit, delete, and merge.
  • Powerful File Explorer – With dr.fone, you will have access to each corner of your mobile device under the Disk Mode. You may also store the directories of your device on your computer. You can also browse and transfer all files and folders on your devices.
  • Save Mobile Data with Efficient App Management – backup and export your apps as a batch. Uninstall and install different apps with just one click. Uninstall pre-installed apps and bloatware.

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The Bottom Line

Both dr.fone – Phone Manager (Android) and dr.fone – Android Data Eraser are efficient software for all Android users out there. Just follow the steps on how to use it properly for you to make most of their features.