The Best YouTube2MP4 Downloader – Download Videos Online for Free

We all use YouTube in one way or another. Some people use it to watch their favorite content creators; others use it to watch tutorials. Regardless of what videos you watch on YouTube, you can use a YouTube2MP4 converter to download them. The only problem is that YouTube hasn’t added a feature that allows you to download videos from its website. Of course, downloading these videos isn’t likely when it comes to the likes of YouTube movies. However, you can download YouTube2MP4 using one of the many converters.

The best converter that we recommend is KeepVid Pro. It is by far the easiest YouTube2MP4 converter that is out there, and it’s very easy to use. That being said, everyone has different preferences, so we’re going to look at some of the different options that are available.

Part 1. Use KeepVid Pro to Download YouTube2Mp4

Out of all the available converters, KeepVid Pro is the best. It has a high reputation and is known as one of the most reliable converters since it can download videos from almost every website. YouTube, Vimeo, Facetime, Dailymotion, and VEVO are just a few of the notable websites from which you can download videos. Some of KeepVid Pro‘s key features are:

  • All videos can be downloaded in HD format. It can download & convert FLV2MP4, video2mp4 & YouTube2MP4.
  • If you can’t download a video, then you can use the screen recorder to record it.
  • Videos are downloaded more than three times as fast as other downloaders.
  • YouTube playlists can be downloaded rather than individual downloads.
  • Videos are downloaded in MP4 format so that they are compatible with all iOS devices.
  • Watch all of the videos that you download using the built-in video player.

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These are just a few of the notable features that KeepVid Pro – m4ufree downloader offers. As a leading YouTube2MP4 downloader, you can expect to gain access to many other features too!

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How to Download YouTube Videos Using KeepVid Pro

Interested in using KeepVid Pro to download your favorite YouTube videos or download Facebook videos? With the guide below, you’re able to do exactly that. Just install KeepVid Pro, locate the video of your choice, and follow each of these steps.

#1 – Open KeepVid Pro on your computer and click on “Download” from the menu on the left.

#2 – Using a web browser, locate the YouTube video that you want to download. From the address bar, copy the link of the YouTube video.

#3 – Back on KeepVid Pro, click “Paste URL“, and a download menu will appear.

#4 – Using this menu, change the quality of the video (or the audio quality, if you only want to download the audio track), select whether or not you wish to download the subtitles, and click “Download“.

#5 – The menu will now close, and the video will be added to your download list.

#6 – After the download is complete, click on “Downloaded“, and you can view all of your downloaded YouTube videos.

This is undoubtedly the best way to download YouTube videos. The best part about this program is that you can download more than one video at once. After adding all of the YouTube videos that you want to download to the download list, you can leave your computer to take care of the rest. Also, it can convert YouTube to MP2 for you.

Part 2. 4 Alternative YouTube2MP4 Programs

If KeepVid Pro hasn’t caught your interest, there are other options available. Below are the best alternatives to KeepVid Pro that allow you to download YouTube videos while aren’t as effective.

#1 – Free YouTube Downloader Converter

First, we have the Free YouTube Downloader Converter. This is a free YouTube2MP4 program that is designed to make downloading videos easy. Aside from not costing you a penny, it can be used to download videos in a wide range of formats, allowing you to transfer them straight to your smartphone afterward.


  • All features are free; no premium version is available.
  • Videos can be downloaded in a range of different formats (e.g., WMV, MP4, MOV, and many more).
  • Easy to use and ideal for beginners.
  • Convert local FLV videos to an alternate format.


  • Very basic and thus, lacks advanced features.
  • A common report is that downloaded videos are flagged as containing viruses.

Discarding the obvious virus warning, this is a problem for a lot of other YouTube downloaders. This is because of how these programs work. After downloading the YouTube video, your anti-virus software may not agree with how it was downloaded. This leads to the warning being shown and the file being flagged – whether or not this is the case is completely up to your own judgment!

#2 – YTD Video Downloader

YTD Video Downloader is another free program that you can use for YouTube2MP4. With it, you’re able to download videos, convert them, and even track which videos you’ve downloaded. One key difference between this downloader and the previous one is that YTD Video Downloader has a premium version.

YTD YouTube2MP4 Downloader


  • You can select both the format and quality of the downloaded video.
  • Adjust the videos default volume upon download.
  • Convert videos that you have already downloaded to another format.
  • Trim a video file to remove unnecessary parts.


  • Many videos can only be downloaded as an MP4 file.
  • To convert videos in batch, you must upgrade to the Pro version

Unfortunately, unless you want to pay for this tool, you won’t get access to all of the features that it has to offer. For that reason, we recommend using KeepVid Pro for YouTube2MP4.

#3 – Solid YouTube Download and Converter

Next up, we have the Solid YouTube Download and Converter. This easy-to-use converter has several helpful features, all of which are useful for downloading YouTube videos. As well as downloading videos, you can extract the audio track from videos in MP3 format, making your life easier.

Solid YouTube2MP4 Downloader


  • Very simplistic, easy to use, and has straightforward features.
  • Downloaded videos can be loaded onto a DVD afterward.
  • Various file formats are available for downloading videos.
  • After downloading videos, you can preview them using the built-in player.


  • This program is limited to downloading YouTube videos.
  • In order to get access to all of the features, you have to pay $30 for the premium version.

Aside from the fact that free users have limited access, this is a YouTube2MP4 tool worth looking into.

#4 – GetFLV Youtube2MP4 Downloader

Lastly, this YouTube2MP4 program goes a step further than some of the others. Not only are you able to download videos, but you can convert them, repair broken FLV files, and edit them after downloading them. While editing them, you can preview the changes that you’ve made using the built-in video player.

GetFLV YouTube2MP4 Downloader


  • Videos can be downloaded from more than just YouTube.
  • All videos can be downloaded in a range of different formats.
  • If you have a corrupt or broken FLV file, you can use this program to fix it.
  • Downloaded videos can be converted to an alternate format.


  • Premium version of GetFLV is priced at almost $60.

The biggest downside to this program as the price attached to it. Aside from this, it is an excellent program for YouTube2MP4, and if you can spare the money, it might be worth checking out.

Part 3. Rather Use an Online YouTube2MP4 Downloader?

If you aren’t interested in the hassle of downloading and installing a program on your computer, you’re in luck. There is an online KeepVid YouTube downloader available. You can find the downloader on this page, and if you change your mind, there is a link to KeepVid Pro on there.

This online solution is just as effective as the KeepVid Pro program. Aside from the fact that it doesn’t have as many features, it is a relatively simple tool to use, and if you are using a friend’s computer, you don’t have to install an unnecessary program. All you have to do is copy the video’s link, click the download button, and you’re done.

To Conclude

Throughout this article, we have covered everything that you need to know about YouTube2MP4. Whether you’re looking for more than a YouTube downloader, such as KeepVid Pro, or you’re interested in a straightforward option that only offers YouTube downloads, you can find what you want from the article above. We recommend that you use KeepVid Pro. Not only does this program make downloading videos easy, but it also gives you access to a variety of features too. If you choose to use KeepVid for YouTube2MP4, you’ll discover how useful some of its features are.